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GoPro: Arizona Golfing

The Stress Free Golf Swing – Ben Hogans Secret

Shot 100% on the HD HERO3+® camera from ? .

Yahoo Golf's Shane Bacon takes GoPro's Mass Sports Production Lead Davis Paul out for a fun round of 18 holes at Whirlwind Golf Club in Phoenix, Arizona.

Music Courtesy of ExtremeMusic

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PGA Golf Lesson: Scoring Zone (Chipping & Pitching Tips)

The Stress Free Golf Swing – Ben Hogans Secret

Becoming a more confident player in the golf scoring zone is an easy way to knock strokes off your score, which means you have to improve your golfing abilities around the green. First, Charlie King explains the difference between pitching and chipping, and discusses what you should do before you prepare to swing and how you should set your stance, posture and grip.… Read the rest

Who See – Golf 2 feat. Iva

The Stress Free Golf Swing – Ben Hogans Secret

10. Golf 2 feat. Iva
Tekst: Dedduh, Noyz
Muzika: Dejan Matovi? (Seagull Prime)
Zenski vokal : Iva kostic

Golf 2


Nekad bio lijep ko lutka i sladak ko cukar
radio kasetofon i grijanje, nije cukan
udobni sicevi s onim ?e ti stane ruka
mogo sam u svatove s njim da se ne obrukam
Nije imao ABS ali je znao ko?it
bio siguran u vožnji sa ?etvoro o?i
držao ko boca da šiber ne to?i
radili dobro ko sat vjetrobrani bo?ni
Upalim do daske rap snimljen na traci
kad se vozim stanem da stopera preba?im
svašta prošli zajedno ko pravi vršnjaci
zamalo mi jednom ukrali Bosanci
A sad stara mašina mjesecima parkiran
pro?em pored njega pa se nasjekiram
niko više ne može da ga servisira
zbore prodaj djelove pa da budeš miran

i dalje pamtim cjelu stvar kad nije nam se znao kraj
sve sam to tako voljela ,dane u starim kolima
golf 2 i snjim sav gas, to je virjeme iza nas


golf mi nije u voznom stanju, ima ko zna od kad
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Jordan Spieth plays with hickory golf clubs

The Stress Free Golf Swing – Ben Hogans Secret


During an off week in 2017, Jordan Spieth took a step back in time to play with some fairly old and odd golf equipment, including hickory-shafted clubs.

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Golf: Avoid Slicing

The Stress Free Golf Swing – Ben Hogans Secret

Improve your golf game with Rickard Strongert by learning how to stop this devastating slice.

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EXTREME Golf Simulator | The Open 2016

The Stress Free Golf Swing – Ben Hogans Secret

In celebration of The Open, we brought some fans to the EXTREME conditions of a golf simulator presented by Golf Channel!

Tune in to The Open beginning Wednesday, July 13th at 1:30am ET on Golf Channel!

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Training with the Strongest Man in Golf

The Stress Free Golf Swing – Ben Hogans Secret

Joe Miller swings a golf club 150mph, hits the ball 225mph, and is the reigning World Long Drive Champion. He got his start lifting weights, took a job working at a driving range and ultimately ended up crushing golf balls further than anyone in the world. We hung out with him in Northaw, England to see how he hits golf balls nearly five football fields.… Read the rest

Playing Golf with Me!

The Stress Free Golf Swing – Ben Hogans Secret

Hey Guys! Played golf today and thought I'd take you along my day. It was kind of like you were there playing along with me! haha

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1994 Moe Norman Single Plane golf swing demo – Interview – (Part 2 of 2)

The Stress Free Golf Swing – Ben Hogans Secret

Learn how to swing like Moe with free lessons by clicking the following link

This video comes from the two part video also posted here on youtube. Which is from the 1994 PGA coaching and teaching conference where Moe Norman was interviewed as part of the ceremony acknowledging him as the "greatest ball striker" of all time.… Read the rest


The Stress Free Golf Swing – Ben Hogans Secret

TAKEAWAY AND STARTING THE SWING; #1 in Golf Wisdom Shawn Clement


Shawn Clement, Director of the Richmond Hill Golf Learning Centre, and 2011 Ontario PGA Class A Teacher of the year nominee, shows you how to do a proper takeaway and start your swing smoothly; and understanding that it is not a specific body part that you need to focus on, rather the fact that you should already be in motion and reacting to the swing to the target!… Read the rest