7″ Sunday Bag, Lightweight Carry Bag, Executive Course Golf Bag

The 7" Sunday Bag by ProActive Sports is made from a lightweight, yet sturdy product. It is the excellent bag for hitting the owning array or executive training course. This bag brings the clubs you need as well as having 1 elastic-edged pocket as well as 2 zippered pockets for rounds, tees, divot devices, or whatever else you could require during your round. If you're traveling and area is restricted, the 7" Sunday Bag by ProActive Sports enables you to take your favorite clubs, without taking up a great deal of area. Fits perfectly in the trunk of an auto, a camper, trailer, or Motor Home. When not in use, it could be folded up and saved neatly out of the way. Why carry a hefty full-size golf bag when all you require is the 7" Sunday Bag by ProActive Sports?