Edel SMS Irons

Edel Golf SMS Iron Toe HeroEdel Golf SMS PW Iron Player

Gear: Edel SMS (Swing Match System) Irons

Price: $250 per club

Specs: Forged 1025 carbon steel body, a plasma-welded steel face cup and high-density urethane foam fill. 

Stock Steel Shaft: KBS Tour, plus a variety of no-upcharge options

Stock Grip: Golf Pride Tour Velvet, plus a variety of no-upcharge options

Available: July 21

Edel’s new SMS irons might be a great fit for a variety of handicap levels thanks to a design that allows players to adjust ball flight by tweaking weights in the back of the head. 

A hollow-bodied, players-distance iron, the SMS clubs – available in 4-iron through gap wedge with fast faces that boost distance – feature three weights in the back of the body that can be swapped with each other to best fit a players’ swing. That makes the SMS irons similar to many modern driver designs in which players or fitters can adjust weighting on the back of the club to alter ball flight. 

edel sms irons 1

Edel SMS irons feature adjustable weights on the back of the heads. (Courtesy of Edel)

“The majority of golf clubs on the market are static, meaning once you buy them, you have to adjust your swing to the club,” said Edel’s chief marketing officer, Chris Koske. “When we first started playing with weights in wedges and irons, we saw overwhelming data that showed golfers were getting better results by being able to customize the club to their specific swing.”

The irons come with two 2-gram weights and one 8-gram weight that can be altered to change the feel of the clubs as well as ball flight characteristics in pursuit of greater distance and accuracy. The company said that by moving the heaviest weight to the optimal position for each player, the clubface becomes more controlled throughout the golf swing, specifically at impact, which provides more control over the golf ball.

edel sms irons 2

Edel SMS irons have a thin topline and minimal offset. (Courtesy of Edel)

For the visuals, a sleek topline is accompanied by minimal offset. That makes for a classic look frequently associated with better-players’ clubs, but when combined with optimized weighting options, Edel believes the clubs are a good fit for a much wider range of players. In its testing, Edel saw gains in clubhead speed, ball speed and average carry distance when players found their optimal weight settings.  

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