Fuzzy Bunkers Golf Scorecard Holder (Green)

About the Scorecard Holder

Toting an attractive faux-alligator leather look that comes in several different colors, Fuzzy Bunkers scorecard holders are designed to give you an attractive-yet-functional item at an affordable price. Other companies charge upwards of $30-40 for one of these bad boys, relying on the brand name alone to separate you from the money in your wallet; cheaper brands will hardly make it through the back-nine before literally falling apart in your back pocket. Although not technically "water-proof," Fuzzy Bunkers scorecard holders have been weather-tested, and stands up to the everyday elements. Drop it in a puddle? No big deal. Leave it in a hot car? Still good. Your 2-year-old puts it through the garbage disposal? Might have some issues there. Either way, this product is designed to withstand daily abuse and give you a sturdy base to record your unforgettable (and forgettable) scores on, time after time after time. Get on board with Fuzzy Bunkers today!

About the Company

Fuzzy Bunkers Golf was founded about 20 minutes ago with a simple dream: to provide high-quality and non-stuffy golf accessories for the average weekend golfer – the kind of person who doesn't tote around a $3,000 golf bag. We believe that the true golfer is not the one you see coming in twelfth on the PGA tour, or the hot-shot trust fund kid that is straight out of prep school and has loads of disposable time (and income), but the weekend warrior busting out a round on the muni's with his buddies after work. That's who we're playing to, because that's who we are, and we created these products originally for ourselves, with the thought that others might appreciate them too. So get out there with your 36 handicap and your department store golf shoes, and let Fuzzy Bunkers carry you home!