Ghost tree at Bandon Dunes’ Old Macdonald course stabilized with cables after recent storm

Trees are synonymous with the game of golf, and there are quite a few popular ones that stand out.

The cedar in the center of Pebble Beach’s 18th fairway. The tall pines at Augusta National. The Lone Fir at Chambers Bay.

There’s also the ghost tree at Bandon Dunes’ Old Macdonald course. If you’ve been to Bandon Dunes, you can see the tree from pretty much anywhere on the Old Macdonald course, but even if you haven’t seen it in person, it’s one you have likely heard of.

The Port Orford Cedar situated on the third hole sustained damage in a recent storm, causing it to lean. Storms brought wind gusts of 70 miles per hour.

On Friday, Bandon Dunes provided another update.

The club added cables to help support the tree and it continuing to monitor it.

The ghost tree is so popular, it has memorabilia in Bandon Dunes’ pro shop, where you can buy hats, shirts and more sporting the iconic figure.

Here’s to hoping the tree is able to make a full recovery.