Today is just visiting be "Big Week" because everything you guys are sending in is about something truly big like a beast dimension frog and then a video clip with a few of the largest hail storm rocks I have actually ever before seen! The Huge story this week is greater than large, it's about this brand-new video clip supposedly revealing a Massive alligator on a golf course!

The video wased initially sent in by Joey Hernandez, Jason B, and also Funedge Community. It was taped by golf enthusiast Charles Helms as well as asserts to reveal a reality titan of a Alligator on the golf links.

But is this video clip for real? Or are we perhaps taking a look at some large fat special impacts here. Why do not take a swing at this as well as see exactly what we could find out.

There were no absence of news reports, facebook posts, and also youtube video clips revealing this beast … however the weird aspect of all this is the man who really recorded the video clip. According to all these reports, the video originates from the facebook page of guy named Charles Helms However when we searched for Mr. Helms as well as his page, there is absolutely nothing there. Simply a couple of guys who were not the Mr. Helms we were trying to find.

An additional man in credited as remaining in the video is David Matos, of Parrish, Florida. Once again, no Facebook and also no Twitter accounts for him either.

The more I looked around, the much more questionable I became about all this. On the Youtube network where uploaded the video, there were more than just a few individuals declaring the video clip a counterfeit.

As Jotaro Kujo pointed out, "the alligator's" shadow doesn't mold to the ground properly, it is just cast directly below him when one ought to be cast to the alligator's right as would certainly be consistent with the 2nd male filming."

And as Gary Cronshaw included, "definitely they could not have kept the golf links open with an Alligator of that size in the area. Top marks for imagination though."

At this point, I turned my focus to the fairway itself. It's called the Buffalo Creek Fairway and also has a great website with all their contact details right there. After a few telephone calls, I ultimately got across someone who knew what was truly taking place … and that is how we came up with this, the main response.


The various other tales this week include, a gigantic frog very first sent out in by Sholitotz Video gaming, Darwin Ebron and Ulyses Gonzalo. People if you ever see a frog this big, do not instantly believe you remain in West Africa, when the gigantic Goliath Frog lives. This beast is actual however was caught in the Philippines by Shakespear Yanto Diaz. Just how it got to the Philippines continues to be a secret.????


First sent out in by Amar Nahdi, it declares to reveal genuine, gold round size hailstones pounding a little farm. Armar, not only is the video real, yet it's does capture the worst hailstorm tornado in the country of Myranmar. The storm which appealed April 24th of this year, really eliminated 8 people. Some people assert this is an indication that the end of the globe is coming, yet fact be informed, the biggest hailstones ever before videotaped dropped in Canada way back in 1961. Those were gauged at 7 inches (or 18 centimeters).


Making it short, this photo showing a male going over Niagra Falls with his jet ski can be defined in merely 4 words. Do you understand just what they are? If you do, you can say them with me …" SO FAKE IT 'S AMUSING!"

The video clip declaring to reveal a giant alligator on a fairway in Fla has actually been checked out extensively. With the aid of video clip technicians, the video clip was slowed, enhanced, as well as meticulously examined structure by framework. Based on the outcomes of this examination, we are confident past a reasonable doubt, that the video as well as the tale that goes with it, suffer from various inconsistencies, but are never the much less …

If you review this much, below's a little additional details for you.

In instance you were wondering, the largest alligator ever videotaped in Florida was 14 feet long, considering 780 extra pounds.