Golf Equipment: What the heck to select (Skinny Report)

If you want golf equipment that will improve your score… and increase your enjoyment of the game without breaking your budget… then our Skinny Report on Golf Equipment will show you how.

The right choice of golf equipment will provide many years of golf enjoyment.

And the wrong choice?

You could be out hundreds of dollars in a flash and find yourself going back to the store time and again exchanging clubs looking for the right ones, when you could instead be on the golf course.

The Skinny Report on Golf Equipment will help you discover for yourself which equipment is best for you and your game.

You'll learn:

[*]The essential golf equipment every golfer must have, even beginners ( p. 20).

[*]The best way to buy equipment on a tight budget (p. 98).

[*]Should you ever buy used golf clubs? The answer may surprise you. (p. 43)

[*]How to choose the right golf store ( p. 23).

[*]The best equipment for kids (p. 35).

[*]The 5 must-have accessories for the golfer (p. 28).

[*]Is it time for custom golf clubs? (p. 49)

[*]Does your selection of golf balls really make a big difference to your game? (p. 99)

[*]The best golf balls for your buck (p 63).

[*]Is it ever OK to buy golf equipment on eBay? (p. 100)

[*]The best type of equipment for beginners (p 102).

[*]And much, much more.

If you've been wanting to take advantage of the latest advances in golf equipment, but weren't sure where to begin, this guide will make things easier. Find the best golf equipment and save money at the same time.