Golf Scorecard Holder and Yardage Book Cover PLUS Free Golf Pencil and Downloadable PDF Stat Tracker Sheet by Fuzzy Bunkers (Red)

Concerning the Scorecard Owner

Carrying an eye-catching faux-alligator natural leather look that comes in a number of various shades, Fuzzy Bunkers scorecard owners are made to offer you an attractive-yet-functional thing at an inexpensive price. Other business bill upwards of $30-40 for among these bad kids, counting on the brand name alone to divide you from the cash in your purse; cheaper brands will barely make it via the back-nine prior to actually falling apart in your back pocket. Although not practically "water-proof," Fuzzy Bunkers scorecard holders have been weather-tested, and also takes on the everyday components. Drop it in a pool? Immaterial. Leave it in a warm automobile? Still good. Your 2-year-old places it via the garbage disposal? May have some problems there. In any case, this product is designed to stand up to day-to-day misuse and offer you a tough base to tape your remarkable (and also featureless) scores on, time and again after time. Get on board with Fuzzy Bunkers today!

Regarding the Company

Blurry Bunkers Golf was started regarding 20 mins ago with a basic dream: to provide top quality as well as non-stuffy golf devices for the ordinary weekend break golf player – the type of person that does not tote around a $3,000 golf bag. Our company believe that real golfer is not the one you see being available in twelfth on the PGA trip, or the hot-shot depend on fund kid that is straight out of prep college as well as has loads of non reusable time (and also revenue), yet the weekend warrior busting out a round on the muni's with his friends after job. That's that we're playing to, since that's who we are, as well as we developed these products originally for ourselves, with the thought that could appreciate them also. So get out there with your 36 handicap as well as your chain store golf footwears, and also allow Fuzzy Bunkers lug you home!