Greens Towel Microfiber Golf Towel with Carabiner Clip, 3-Pack

"The Convenient Microfiber Golf Towel" is the excellent gift for each golfer as well as golf event. Perfect size at 16" x 16", Greens Towel is a helpful, super-absorbent, luxurious microfiber towel with a simple carabiner clip. Large over-sized golf towels are not convenient, however you could keep a Greens Towel in your back pocket as well as use it when you require it most. Never miss one more shot due to the fact that you didn't have a towel to clean your round or wedge. Put a Microfiber Greens Towel on your golf bag today, you'll be glad you did. Currently marketed in thousands of golf professional shops. The # 1 Best Selling Golf Towel under $5.00 Stock up today on a Value 6 Pack at a fantastic small cost.