How To Chip a Golf Ball

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How To Chip a Golf Ball

In this tip I show you how to chip a golf ball. This is essential if you want to be able to choose the correct club for the shot at hand.

With this very specific chipping ratio you will be able to instantly choose the right club for the right situtation. This is very important because it elminates all the guess-work.

If you are not guessing on what club to hit you can stick to the task at hand which is hitting your chip shot.

How to chip a golf ball is not tough. It's just learning the proper chipping technique then coupling it with the raios you will learn in this tip. Once you understand these 2 things and practice a little you will have a chipping game you can count on to make up for your mistakes.

As you watch this tip you may want to have a pen a paper handy so you can write down the ratio. People have often found wirting it down and putting it in their golf bag handy so they don't forget once they get tot he course.

Want to learn how to chip a golf ball and and learn a better short game?

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