How To Cure A Slice Fast and Easy

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How To Cure A Slice – Part 1

Are you wondering how to cure a slice? Many people are plagued with this problem and many people have searched for the answer for many, many years. Still the best way to cure a slice eludes them.

I find it funny that every year the major golf magazines have an article on how to fix a slice. This must mean that people cannot and are not curing anything. So the average golfer just keeps spinning his or her wheels in this never ending cycle. What if there was a way to finally solve this problem? If there was so many people would have so much more enjoyment from this game.

Well, I'm here to tell you that this is how to cure a slice. I've helped thousands of people using this very technique. My record to cure a slice with driver is 1 minute and 56 seconds. Now I know what you're thinking. I cured it by making the person hit a hook. No, what I'm talking about is from a square alignment and the moment I shook the gentleman's hand I made him hit a perfect draw in 1:56 seconds. That's right. We timed it.

Still don't believe me? In my Virtual Golf School (which we filmed) I did a section called how to cure a slice. In it we captured me curing the slices of 9 people I had never met. The longest it took me was 13 minutes. The quickest was 2 minutes 6 seconds. So this is proof that this works and it works extremely fast.

Now you don't have to keep suffering with a slice any longer. Just watch this video to work on the first part. Then click the link right below the video and I will send you the second part.

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