Sneak Beer on the Golf Course with the Covert Cooler

Stop relying upon the cart girl to appease your thirst on the fairway and control your beverage fate with the Covert Colder. This skillfully created cooler inconspicuously matches the shoe area of your golf bag and holds up to 9 cans of "soft drink". Its protecting lining will maintain your drinks cool down for hours and also because it's waterproof, you could sack ice without fear of understanding your bag damp.

To shake off nosy "club authorities" and also spouses, the Covert Cooler includes printed graphics that review "SHOE BAG (Does not include beer. Merely shoes.)" They will not believe a thing.

The Covert Cooler is equipped with both a manage and a shoulder band in addition to zippered side pockets for extra storage space.


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