The Moment of Impact. An Inside Look at Titleist Golf Ball R&D

For our Titleist Golf Ball R&D group, the objective is always the same: Design as well as create one of the most regular as well as finest performing golf rounds to assist golf players fire reduced scores. It's a procedure focused on constant improvement, cultivated by many gifted people working relentlessly behind the scenes.

Certainly, there's additionally some actually amazing (and also incredibly innovative) examination tools that contributes in continuously making the most effective golf balls in the game also better.

Situation in point: The Titleist R&D group just recently discharged up one of their mechanical robotics to film golf round impact video footage, utilizing a high-speed electronic camera, at 22,000 structures per secondly.

The 2nd we heard this was happening, we were inspired to bring you an unique expert's sight. So we got our video cameras, went to the Manchester Lane Testing facility as well as met up with Paul Furze, Manager of Item Test Techniques.

Paul's plan was to run through a series of examinations and catch the moment of impact of various Titleist golf round models throughout various clubhead rates. Making use of the high-speed footage, the group might after that assess how the golf ball reacts to the force being used and also reveal the real compression upon influence.

One result, as you will certainly see in the video: "If you contrast the 120 mph chauffeur speed to the 175 miles per hour motorist speed, you'll see that the compression on the sphere is actually quite comparable," stated Furze. To puts it simply, every gamer, regardless of their swing rate, compresses the golf sphere.

Take a look at the video for a better look at this action in our R&D process and also to see just what takes place to a golf round at impact– as well as a few micro-seconds after influence … (Yes, we claimed micro-seconds.).

Just in case you were questioning, "What exactly is Product Examination Approaches Advancement?" Well, this team establishes as well as maintains all of the test equipment utilized throughout the numerous phases of the process. From robot swing makers and also air canons to wind passages as well as progressed simulators, they've obtained it covered.

Pretty cool job if you ask us.