The most accurate 2024 drivers, according to robot testing

Need some accuracy in your life? The latest round of robotic testing highlights drivers with tight dispersion patterns.

The post The most accurate 2024 drivers, according to robot testing appeared first on Golf.

Need some accuracy in your life? The latest round of robotic testing highlights drivers with tight dispersion patterns.

The post The most accurate 2024 drivers, according to robot testing appeared first on Golf.

Instead of waiting for someone to utter the phrase, I’m going to beat everyone to the punch: It’s not the arrow, it’s the archer. Indeed, golf equipment can’t turn you into a world-beater overnight, especially if it’s straight off the rack.

It takes time to track down the best driver head and shaft setup — and you still need to put in work on the range to get the most out of the newest addition.

So what’s the benefit of buying new gear? If you’ve been following along with the release of’s robotic insights, many of the newest drivers on the market cater to certain misses, be it off the heel or toe. The goal is to minimize the big misses and keep the ball in play, something that’s possible with many of these offerings.

In the latest ClubTest insights report, we’re showcasing 5 drivers that produced the tightest dispersion patterns on the Golf Laboratories swing robot. If fairways are in short supply, consider testing several of these models to see if there’s a good fit.

(How we calculate: Each driver is robot tested using a 9-point face mapping. We hit 6 balls at 95 mph from each location on the face — high, low and middle quadrants — to determine how far the ball deviated from the center line. The smaller the number, the tighter the dispersion pattern.)


Cleveland Launcher XL2 (10.5 degrees) | 5.1 yards

XL2 Driver MONEY

Cleveland Launcher XL2 Custom Driver

It’s BIG and built for one thing: sending bombs down the middle. The all-new Launcher XL 2 Driver delivers more distance, forgiveness, and consistency than ever, thanks to new MainFrame technology, an improved XL design, and more. Step up and swing BIG. With Launcher XL 2, bigger just got better.
MainFrame XL Face Technology uses a variable thickness pattern that maximizes flex at impact to boost distance. It also repositions weight low and deep in the clubhead for added forgiveness and consistency.
With an improved XL Head Design packing even more MOI than last generation, plus a low-and-deep weighting profile, players can enjoy long, high-launching ball flight with plenty of forgiveness.
Instead of giving it one flex zone, we’ve got two. With alternating flex zones acting in-sync, Rebound Frame directs more energy into the ball for speed and distance on every shot.
An 8-gram weight tucked into the end of the shaft counterbalances the club for more control without extra effort. This counterweight helps the club feel lighter on takeaway and stay stable through impact.
With an adjustable hosel, you can fine-tune your launch angle, distance, and shot shape. Adjust your loft, face angle, and lie angle with 12 different positions. The wrench is sold separately.

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Cobra Darkspeed Max (10.5 and 9 degrees) | 6.7 and 7.4 yards

DARKSPEED MAX DRIVER HERO 0a699684 90d5 4328 bfd6 277910c34145

Cobra DarkSpeed Max Custom Driver

The Cobra Darkspeed MAX model delivers draw-bias and unrivaled stability in a low-mid spin design for ultimate distance and accuracy.
An improved aero shape features a streamlined face to topline radius, a highercrown peak, raised skirt and reduced clubface surface area to maximize speed.
A refined clubhead shape blends speed with forgiveness for an elevated lookat address that inspires maximum confidence on the tee.

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PXG 0311 Black Ops (10.5 degrees) | 7 yards

BlackOpsDriver Photography BeautyShot 1200x1801 606f3ef

PXG 0311 Black Ops Custom Driver

AMF Face Technology
PXG 0311 Black Ops Drivers deliver big distance gains using a propriety high strength, and more flexible, Titanium Alloy face material thatsupports increased face deflection during impact.
High Strength Composite Contruction
Lightweight crown and sole inserts, made from high-grade carbon fiber using advanced compression molding, enable optimal weight distribution in the clubhead. This enhances the moment of inertia (MOI), shifts the center of gravity (CG) lower and farther back, resulting in improved distance and forgiveness.
Non-Uniform Buldge and Roll Face
The face design supports enhanced forgiveness and improves overall performance by optimizing the club’s reaction to off-center hits.

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Callaway Paradym Ai Smoke Max Fast (9.5 degrees) | 8.2 yards

Callaway Ai Smoke Max Fast Driver 1

Callaway Paradym Ai Smoke Max Fast Custom Driver

Ai SMOKE MAX FAST DRIVER The new Paradym Ai Smoke driver represents a quantum leap forward in Callaway’s Ai journey. This new family of drivers feature the most sophisticated driver face in Callaway history, the Ai Smart Face. World’s First Ai Smart Face™
The all-new Ai Smart Face optimizes driver performance using swing dynamics from thousands of real golfers. This promotes optimal launch conditions and tight downrange dispersion.
Forgiving Shape
The Max Fast Driver is built with high MOI, and a generously stretched profile at address, suited best for players looking for easy launch. From a fixed hosel and rear weight, Max Fast will be a go to driver for lightweight easy-to-swing performance.

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Mizuno ST-Max 230 (10.5 degrees) | 8.4 yards

mizuno st max 230

A low profile, wide footprint driver that looks noticeably larger than its measured 460cc. An expanded CORTECH Chamber and 54 grams of back weighting combine to create Mizuno’s most stable ever driver, with exceptional straight-line performance across its wide, inviting clubface.

Mizuno ST-Max 230 Driver

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The post The most accurate 2024 drivers, according to robot testing appeared first on Golf.

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