What’s inside Golf Balls?

We reduced the LEADING 2016 spheres in half! Big difference between each one. We also reduced a Two Decade old Balata sphere in fifty percent and also it was crazy to see the bands and also fluids explode!

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Below is a list of the items we purchased for this video:

PRO V1x:
Calloway Chrome Soft:
Bridgestone B330S:
Nike Rzn Black:
Job A:
Nike PD Long:
Nike PD Soft:
Nike PD Ladies:

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Recorded in 4k on this cam:

WARNING: Cutting open as well as using blades and also hatchets can be EXTREMELY dangerous. This task needs to only be attempted with ample understanding and training, and also under consistent certified adult supervision. Always plan ahead, as well as remember that any type of task you try is at YOUR OWN RISK. Remember our slogan "We cut everythings open so you do not have to." so we do not suggest you try anything we do.

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