How to Play From a Downhill Lie


Do you struggle when playing from a downhill lie?

In my opinion, the downhill lie is one of the trickier uneven lies to play from.

Getting good solid contact with the golf ball on a downhill lie means matching your body lines to the slope of the hill.

Here’s how to set up:

First, Match your shoulders, your hips, and your knees to that downslope so that your club can sweep down the hill.

Next, take a couple of practice swings to see where relative to your feet, does the club make contact with the grass. That contact point is likely to be further back than you would have with a normal flat stance. So take your address with the ball back towards your back foot and expect a lower ball flight as a result.

So remember, to make solid contact with the ball when you have got a downhill lie, match your shoulders, hips, and knees to the slope, and take your address with the ball exactly at the point in your stance where your practice swings made contact with the grass.

And … Swing normally.

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