How to Play the ‘Fried Egg’ Bunker Shot


The buried lie in sand is one of the most feared shots in golf, particularly for less experienced players.

In this short video, I’ll show you exactly what do you do when you find your golf ball buried in the sand and up against the lip of the bunker?

Playing the Fried Egg Bunker Shot

  • Take your most lofted sand wedge. (A pitching wedge typically only has 45-47 degrees of loft, a gap wedge has 50-52 degrees of loft, a sand wedge has 54-56 degrees of loft, and a lob wedge has 58-60 degrees of loft).
  • Aim the clubface at the target.
  • Take a very closed stance. That means aim your body 45 degrees to the right of the target. (if you are a right-handed player).
  • Dig your feet in.
  • Swing back on your body line and CHOP with authority!

Remember, your number one goal is always to get the ball out of the bunker. The more you practice this shot, the better you will get. Then you can try to get it closer to the hole.

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