Masters Survey 2024: Where would you want your ashes sprinkled at Augusta National?

The grass is greener at Augusta National Golf Club.

Is that because of all the golf fans who have left instructions to spread ashes on the hallowed grounds of the Masters site? Perhaps. There always seems to be a story about a family member coming to the Masters with an added purpose to their visit. But where would you sprinkle the ashes of a loved one at Augusta National? We posed this question to Masters competitors past and present. Cameron Young thought it was a weird question – it’s just a different spin on what’s your favorite spot on the famed course – but then again if we didn’t ask it we’d never know he wants to be buried or that Nick Price, who shot the tournament competitive record of 63 in 1986, wants his ashes spreaded back in Africa.

Find out which hole was a popular spot to spend eternity below.

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