Watch: Tiger Woods challenged Riggs to a long-drive contest — and then won from his knees

The Fore Play Pod called it “the greatest moment in Fore Play history.”

That moment was Tiger Woods vs. Barstool Golf, a collab between the GOAT and the popular golf influencers, a dream come true for Riggs and the boys.

“We did it,” the crew said. “We finally filmed a video with Tiger Woods and it went better than anyone could have imagined. We’ve never been more proud to be a part of Team TaylorMade and know this is just the beginning with the Big Cat.”

There’s an 18-minute video on YouTube – which has close to 500,000 views in about nine hours – but the highlight of the day came when Tiger and Riggs held a long-drive contest, with Tiger taking his swipe from his knees.

We should’ve known it was serious when Tiger showed up his signature red shirt and black pants.

“You’re a sicko,” Riggs told him right after the knee bomb.

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