Watch: Wearing mic for CBS, Keith Mitchell credits his caddie for calling him off a shot during live coverage of 2023 AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am

Max Homa wore a mic during live coverage of the Farmers Insurance Open  on CBS and it was a huge hit. He went on to win, making the week even more special for Homa and his fans.

This week at the 2023 AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am, Keith Mitchell took his turn with the mic.

One of the first things he said was how “Homa killed it” last week.

In solo fourth and two shots back of the lead after three rounds on the Monterey Peninsula, Mitchell donned the live mic on the par-4 third hole at Pebble Beach Golf Links.

“Appreciate it guys for letting me come on. Easy to say yes, speaking to you, Nantz, and Trevor, especially after Max killed it last week. Let’s just hope what happened last week happens this week, right,” he quipped.

Mitchell took turns chatting with Nantz, Immelman, Ian Baker-Finch and Frank Nobilo.

After talking about his tee shot, Mitchell admitted that there’s “never a bad stroll anywhere at Pebble,” walking with his hands in his pockets as if truly on a stroll.

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A few minutes later, as he prepared for his second shot, Mitchell had a brief chat with his caddie John Limanti, who interrupted to back him off a shot.

“That was a nice play because over the green is dead,” Mitchell said, giving praise to Limanti. “We threw some grass up a couple times. … so right when I was about to pull the trigger, he put some grass up again and. … if you go over this green, it might even be out of bounds back there. So that was a nice call from him. We took four yards off of what we originally had and the wind kinda died.

“So that was a great, great call from Johnnie to pull me off like that.”

Mitchell’s approach stopped about 13 feet from the cup and he two-putted for a par.

Mitchell admitted he wasn’t sure exactly where his approach ended up until he heard the CBS crew talking about it.

“Thanks to you guys in my ear I know where my ball is,” he said.

More solid insight from this new CBS initiative, bringing fans closer to the game than ever before.

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